Thursday, December 27, 2012

Starting my New Year's resolution early

I stopped meditating just before last summer cause my crown chakra was swirling a lot and I was scared off by what seemed to be the start of an OBE. But once again, having faltered once before, I've started meditating twice daily. Let's see if I can find out what's on the other side that's been beckoning so often until now. Time to finally overcome that fear. I've also started doing some magick again and eager to see the results. You got to love synchronicity, during my first ritual fireworks started outside just as I was beginning. I heard the next day from someone our family knows in the city council that the rain caused the fireworks to be started early! Tired of being stuck in a rut spiritually and I finally wanna see what experiences are out there for me! Wish me luck!


Kitty said...

Falling or flying is a matter of perspective. ;-D

Clarence Daniel said...

i keep going back and forth on trying to get a consistent meditation practice and reading this encouraged me to get on with it tonight.


it's so daft, i resist it so much at times, but every single time after i sit i always feel nourished, clearer, calm, insightful and inspired.

i'm trying vippassana and i remember you mentioning it while ago, is that what you're practicing?

Dedroidify said...

Hiya, oh I'm so glad you are the main reason for this blog is to inspire others!

I feel the same way, it's odd how us human beings operate isn't it!

Yes it is vipassana I'm practicing and in fact I'm gonna do a post about it to maybe inspire some more people!

Thanks a lot for sharing!

Louis ramsey said...

Hi! really enjoy your blog.You dig reading .i highly recommend the book The Ego Tunnel: the Science of the Mind and the Myth of the Self by Metzinger.He does a good job of explaining Obe experiences.Leary and Raw get mentioned in there as well.

Dedroidify said...

Sounds interesting! Already found it and can't wait to dig in, thanks a bunch for the suggestion! :D

ludi8vine said...

I found today through a synchronistic event. I decided to do a tarot spread today (my first in over a year) and found the site on the first page of a search for meanings of a card I drew (10 of cups; especially curious because I didn't actually find the meaning on the page it linked me to). I was intrigued by what I saw and went to the home page to see the cover of Prometheus Rising, the book I have been reading (and just happened to put down right before drawing cards). I found a treasure trove of everything I've been interested in researching lately and have been mesmerized by the site and by your blog all morning. Your speak of meditation has got me itching to re-introduce it into my daily life. Just wanted to let you know; thank you for organizing all of this information in one place!

Dedroidify said...

My pleasure ludi! That's what the site was made for, may it lead you to much interesting brainfood! And what a cool way of you to stumble upon it!

Prometheus Rising is the book that really started my journey!